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On this site you'll find the various things I've created for my RPG hobby. Up until now, most of this stuff could be found on sites hosted by other fans of the game, because I didn't bother to create a site for them. But with the addition of a d20 Modern character sheet, I thought the time had come to change this. Et voila! Instant website...

What's New?

27/08/04 - just found out this site still exists, so I'll be making time to do some updating or whatever. It's been a while...
31/10/03 - added printer version of the free adventure, with ready hand-outs for the players.
1/9/03 - updated the links found on this site.
12/8/03 - added Free Adventure (d20 Modern, Second World) for download.
18/7/03 - added link to JD's website, because he asked me to. ;-)
3/5/03 - Included errata in Wizard's Inventory on the Kalamar page.
3/4/03 - Updated d20 Modern sheet to 1.07.
1/4/03 - Removed Variant Rules from the navigation bar (it can be reached from the Monster PCs page). Cleaned up Inventory of Wizards.
31/3/03 - Gab finished his automated version of the ECL Calculator. The link is added to the calculator as well as the links page.
26/3/03 - Added link to Resident Evil: Phase 2, a PBP game I joined recently, as well as a link to the character (Gerald).
22/3/03 - Added counter and link to the character Soldarin.
16/3/03 - Updated d20 Modern char sheets. Added Kalamar section.
18/2/03 - Added picture to the About Me section.
16/2/03 - Added Psionic monster variant rule. Updated the modified charsheet to 1.06. Added Hide skill section.
8/2/03 - Updated to version 1.05 and 1.02 respectively. Added Richard Green's modified charsheet. Expanded Monster PCs to include discussion of special abilities.
4/2/03 - Updated Monster PCs to include more MM errata and removed errors, brought to my attention by TieraStarr.
3/2/03 - Second iteration of update to Monster PCs. Also changed feat entry of ECL calculator.
2/2/03 - Updated Monster PCs to include MM errata and the monster building article, brought to my attention by TieraStarr.
1/2/03 - Updated to version 1.04
28/1/03 - Added links to RaceCalc.
25/1/03 - Updated d20 Modern sheet to version 1.03
24/1/03 - Added WoT and D&D char sheets, fixed link to Laiyna's Place, updated d20 Modern sheet (v 1.02).
21/1/03 - Started this website.


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