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Char Sheets
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Similar Excel character sheets for D&D, WoT and d20 Modern. They'll greatly increase the speed with which you can build your d20 characters.

d20 Modern Excel character sheet (1.07)

Richard Green changed the print sheet to resemble an official character sheet. The code behind the sheet will be updated at the same time as the 'normal' version.

d20 Modern Excel character sheet with enhanced printsheet (1.07)

D&D Excel character sheet (1.02)

d20 Wheel of Time Excel character sheet (5.1)

A minimal amount of explanation on how to use the sheets:
It's best to start at the top and work your way down, but it isn't obligatory. You can always make changes later on.
To select a feat or talent, place a 1 (or higher number in the case of feats you can take multiple times) in the cell behind the name.
Red is used to mark choices that aren't (yet) allowed.
Greyed-out feats/talents lack the prereqs they need.
Green is used to mark choices that are part of a class make up and haven't been selected yet.
For skills, grey means cross-class and black means exclusive for another class.
The Int increase section above the skills lowers the amount of skill points AFTER replacing the Int score with a higher value (and where it says modifier, it means modifier, not score), to avoid retroactive skill point increases.
If you feel some additional questions should be answered here, please send me an email telling me so.

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