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The introduction to a Second World (d20 Modern) adventure:

You were in high school together. It's been some 20 years since last time you saw one another. You used to play Dungeons and Dragons together. Especially Ian, the customary Dungeon Master, was really into it. It wouldn't surprise you to find out he's still playing the silly game. Gods, D&D, pretending to be heroes and slaying monsters. You had almost completely forgotten about that. You had almost forgotten about the gang as well. Dan, Harry, Michael Sheridan and what's his name: Wilbert, no William, no Wilfred, you think.

Big surprise when Ian's invitation landed on your door mat. A pleasant trip down memory lane. A bit worried about how he managed to track you down. Curious about why he would bother.

Ian is organizing a reunion, it seems. His invitation promises 'things that should interest you'. His words. He's getting all of you together, two months from now. Wow, he's really going out of his way to make it special. The location is near your old college.
No significant others. A night with the guys then. Hmm.

A bit worried about what the others might think of your achievements so far. A hint of midlife crisis. But what the heck, you'll live.

As you travel back towards your old college town, you start remembering happier days. Days when you were young and, well, young. Ian had been unwilling to elaborate on what he had planned for the evening, though he was quite helpful in making arrangements for your trip. You're curious and a bit excited. It'll be good to see everyone again.
Mart Drove 25. There it is. Didn't there use to be a barber's shop next door? Ian's name is on the plaque beside the door. He lives here still? Before you can ponder this question more, the door is opened by a scrawny, intense looking fellow. Oh my god, that's Ian! The years haven't been kind to him at all. He looks old enough to be your father. Ian manages a welcoming grin, which does little to soften the intensity of his gaze. "You made it, after all. Please come in."

A strange smell wafts from the hallway, sulfur and vinegar. The hallway is cheerfully lit with candles, and leads to a well appointed living room, where several other people have already gathered. Dan is in the process of getting everyone drinks. Trust Danny to tend to the food and drink. Some things never change.

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You can also find a version of this adventure on the official Second World site.

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