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Inventory of Wizards of Tellene
Soldarin's Roleplaying Pages

Wizards and their masters.

Every wizard has his master. Now there are stories about adventurers who found a spellbook or two and taught themselves how to work magic, but thats just what they are ... stories. The help of an experienced wizard is required for anyone who wishes to master more than the most basic of 1st level spells.

What are the disadvantages of not having a master?

For the adventurous type that wishes to do it all by himself it means, he does not get a free spellbook with cantrips and a handful of 1st level spells with his first wizard level, nor at any of his other wizard levels. Whats more, he has to make spellcraft checks for any spells he wishes to learn (unlike the usual free spells a wizard gets, for which no such roll is necessary), including cantrips. It also means that a wizard without a mentor does not get access to his higher level spell slots until he has completely familiarized himself with the techniques required (delayed acquisition of 2nd and higher level spell slots by 1 level).

What are the benefits of having a master?

For one thing most of the restrictions mentioned above do not apply to a wizard who has a mentor, as long as that mentor is of a greater level of competence than the wizard in question. Beyond those considerable advantages, the wizard also has an ally he might call upon if the need is great enough (mostly for information and minor favors, like a letter of introduction or a short term loan of a small amount of gold), a fellow scholar to correspond with and a name with which to enhance ones reputation.

Most restrictions do not apply, but one specific restriction falls upon the apprenticed wizard as well: he is not free in selecting the free spells he gains with his wizard levels. These spells must come from the spell list of his mentor (from the list the master has made available, which is rarely the full list), or they require a normal spellcraft roll to learn and half the normal amount of gold to write down. Additional spells from this list can be written for the normal gold cost for writing spells (not needing money for acquiring the spell, which is usually done by purchasing a scroll).

Surpassing ones master.

Once a mentor has taught his apprentice/journeyman everything he knows (ie the wizard reaches the same level of experience as his mentor), further development is difficult to achieve. He has essentially become a wizard without a master. Though bonds of friendship and courtesy often extend beyond this point, the wizard in question is now considered to be the equal of his (former) mentor in all things magical. The wizard no longer gains free spells for gaining a wizard level (he also needs to make spellcraft checks to learn them) and he does not get access to his higher level spell slots until he has completely familiarized himself with the techniques required (delayed acquisition of higher level spell slots by 1 level). Many wizards view these hindrances as a small price to pay for their new found freedom and would not apprentice to another (more experienced) mentor as a matter of pride. Some wizards however, who are eagre to learn and/or follow in the footsteps of one of the great wizards of the modern age, do seek out a new mentor at this point in their carreers.

It is considered bad taste to ignore their former mentors advice in these matters, as it is to break off contact with the former master.

Finding and gaining an apprenticeship.

Characters wishing to find a (new) mentor during gameplay should be aware that such a matter is not taken lightly by the mentor-to-be. Often an apprenticeship comes at a certain price (full access to spellbooks, a monetary contribution or a magic item). But before such a price can be determined a mentor-to-be often has the wizard perform several tasks to test his dedication and character (often short term quests in their own right). These tasks and the infrequent contacts that allows both wizards to get to know each other can take up to a year and a day (at that time the answer to the request for apprenticeship is considered an automatic no. A second formal request may be made after another one year and one day have passed, though the price has likely gone up), and take rarely less than two months.

A starting character can choose a mentor pregame. It is assumed all tasks and prices have been taken care of when the game begins. A PCs pregame mentor should not be more than 5 levels beyond the PCs wizard level (a good background story may change that, with DMs approval).

Choosing a master.

By now it should be clear that picking ones mentor has a great impact on a wizards carreer. It is a choice that should be considered carefully. It should also be clear that higher level mentors will be in greater demand than lower level ones. Of course the price of gaining an apprenticeship with one of these famous wizards is more than most starting spellflingers can afford, and money alone isnt enough. For ease of reference, a list of known wizards in the Kingdom of Kalamar campaign setting is provided.


Inventory of Wizards in Kalamar


Cosolen: center of magic, mostly elven wizards, training at Cosolen Royal Academy is an option (8 year of mil. service)- Hulrad Redbark [NG Elf Wiz 19], Culran the Spellsmith (created Repel Minor Magics, Ground Lightning and Halflings Strength) [CG human Wiz 11], Minivl (curator of monster museum, has friends in high places) [LG human Ill 11], Prince Sevlen (Royal Heir, rules Cosolen) [NG Brandobian Wiz 4/Ari 7], Archmage Welren* (king, extends his life) [CG Brandobian Wiz 18/Ari 13], Shasseril (now dead, elven Enchantress, created Rary's spells), Faotissun (now dead, famed half-elf adventurer, created Leomund's spells), Veseln (now dead, youngest Endremin brother)

Crandolen: High Enchanter Valsin (golem sage) [NG human Ench 16]

*The ruler of Cosdol, Archmage Welren, is noted down as an Ari 13. But has been errataed to Wiz 18/Ari 13.



Dalen: court wizard who trained Altamir (wiz 7), Folnester (now dead, cruel Brandobian Invoker, created Melf's spells)


Premolen: Seldar Nortron (trained in PBapar, astrologer) [N Brandobian Div 7], Ablen (poisonmaker, Blackfoot Society) [NE Brandobian Tra 6]

Unvolen: Brovlen Dreplon (engineer) [NG Brandobian Exp 4/Wiz 5], Folnen (Chief Magistrate) [CG Brandobian Exp 3/Wiz 6]



Ospolen: Gelten (sailor looking for the wrecked Breezekeeper) [LG Brandobian (f) Wiz 9], Vreten the Bone Dancer (Spirit of Sorrow tome) [LE Brandobian Nec 10]

Dayolen: Brendol Sormen (scientist) [LG Brandobian Nec 9]


Pel Brolenon

Dowond-Brandel: Yulan Velsin (Grand Mistress of the Whip) [LE Brandobian (f) Clr 15/Wiz 5]

Vrendolen: magic is popular among the nobles. Minor wizards tutor their kids- Helcawn Stron (created Bat Accident) [CG human Ari 4/Wiz 4]


Lathlanian: Anaechin Tovalathlanco (most respected) [CG Elf Wiz 13], King Cevranath (king for last 200 years) [NG Elf Ftr 5/Wiz 6/Arc.Archer 2]



Bet Kalamar: Shifan the Royal Diviner (spell list in V) [LE Elf Nec 20], Dorama (now dead, Kalamaran duchess from the Time of Misfortune, created Mordenkainen's spells)

Rosaleta: wizards guild of four, for tea - Cabaron (Network of the Blue Salamander, spell list in V) [LE human Wiz 8]

Segeleta: Menolak (council member) [CG Elf Wiz 12]

Sobeteta: Dorata Ku'Ato (trained at College, merchant) [N human Exp 3/Wiz 9]



Bet Urala: wizard guild of three, the Seekers of Sekhancha - Nalar (vampire, demonologist) [LE human Conj 18]



Bet Dodera: several army wizards - Lisanara the Colorful (Ki'Isa, potter and ink maker) [LG human (f) Ill 11]

Aroroleta: Misatir (alchemist) [CG Gnome Tra 7], Alidd (corrupt magistrate) [NE half-Elf Abj 10]




Bet Bireli: army wizards -



Bet Rogala: greatest concentration of wizards, College of Magic (24 tutors, up to 50 students), annual magic Fair - Archmage Zenith (Dean) [CG human Wiz 16], Gramar Harukan [LN human Nec 14], Zo'Amas the Lame (wrote Shielding the Mind and Body) [CG human Abj 11], Melesip (Boganiros, baron of Kabakosokido, son) [LG Kalamaran Ari 1/Wiz 1]

Baneta: Lakaran the Twisted (ancient, sickly) [LG human Wiz 12], Bandorian the Bold (apprenticed to Lakaran) [LG human Ari 5/Wiz 3], Lerasonul (now dead, most famous College graduate, created Tenser's spells)




Kabakosikido: Golzumak the Earthmage (army wizard) [N half-Orc Wiz 9]

Oloseta: Galenon Mornstar [NG human War 4/Wiz 7], Tajeril the Sinister (has an efreet, spell list in V) [LE human Nec 7]


Bet Seder: Lendel Vin (ship-to-ship wizardry, use cold instead of fire) [NG half-Elf Wiz 10]

Gaketa: Archmage Talus (reputation for understatement) [LG Kalamaran Wiz 17], Jolizek the Rider (adventurer/bachelor) [LG human Ench 7], Archmage Sulat (administrator) [LN Kalamaran Conj 12/Ari 3]

Pipido: Va'Anamil (ex-adventurer, with enemies) [CG human Wiz 8], Serafil (many children) [CG Elf Exp 7/Ench 4]

U'Rudaketa: many wizards that sell spells - Fanam Setiran (arcane lock freak) [LN human Wiz 7]




Karasta: Sir Etera Zem'Par (appointed to government, useless hedonist) [CE Kalamaran Inv 11], Azsul (now long dead, dwarven sage, created Otto's spells)



Betasa: Jaresh (item knowledge) [LN human Wiz 8]

Sisalasido: Nethanem (dropout of College, adept)



Bet Kasel: College of Alchemy -



Korem: Tenar [CG human Wiz 7] and Lura (couple running a free school, looking for apprentices) [NG half-Elf (f) Wiz 3], Loso the Scribe (researches spells for a fee, waiting list of 4 years, uses unseen servant and comprehend languages) [NG human Wiz 12]

Fopasido: Canamus (adventurer) [NG human Abj 7]




Ashakulagh: Kargran Thulhak (hobgoblin College graduate, pretended to be human) [NE Hobgoblin Wiz 7]


P'Bapar: Balamir (former Imperial Palace Guard) [LN Kalamaran Ftr 10/Wiz 2] and the wizard that trains him and the wizard that trained Seldar Nortron (div 7)

Crag Keep: Archduke Weldril Bandran [NG human Wiz 14]


Prompeldia: Bonoroti (gambler) [CG human Ill 12]


Shyta-na-Dobyo: Vosted the Drunken (wand and rod maker) [CG human Tra 14]


Alnarma: Jish (created Phantom Ass), Daclen (from Cosdol) [CG Elf Conj 12]


Dijishy: the Great Sanctuary is a great library run by Prophets -


Ehzhimahn: Celestial Dawn guild - Veznos Dashemmi (guildmaster) [LG human Wiz 10], Minis Kopar (guildmaster of the Breath of the Djinn thieves' guild which specializes in tall buildings; uses  Invisibility, Levitate, Cat's Grace and Darkvision) [NE Kalamaran Rog 3/Wiz 6]


Miclenon: Altamir (from Dalen)  [NG Brandobian Exp 3/Wiz 7]


Shrogga-pravaaz: Grahahn Sepiter (has openly used lightning bolt) [N human Wiz 13]


Cilorealon: Ruwana the Dark (prefers direct single target spells like polymorph and reduce) [NG Elf (f) Tra 13]



Nythok: Dadorj (macho) [CG Dejy Wiz 5]

Trarr: Rejel Norford (fire and lightning) [LG Fhokki Wiz 6], three members of the Silver Soldiers mercenary band (offense, defense, intelligence and less than 8th level)



Bet Regor: Pulan (crypt) [N human Wiz 10]

Paketa: Kamira (Kalamaran ex-baroness with scrolls for every occasion) [CG Kalamaran (f) Wiz 9]



Rynoshok: Frojar (ex-adventurer) [CG human Wiz 8], Vitar (Court Wizard; created Shathy's Pestilence) [NG human Wiz 14], Emmuk (now dead, Slennish outcast and famous alchemist, created Otiluke's spells)



Ardarr-Norr: Nabaddan (wants to return to the Astral plane) [CG human Wiz 11], Hurrkal (ethereal, fireball) [CN human Inv 13]



Kako-Gyr: wizards are killed in this city - Thejvan (slave) [CN Dejy Inv 12], Hurra (now long dead, created Drawmij's spells)



Bynarr: Eggamit Nightsword [CG human Wiz 9/Rng 8], Lokkur (military spy) [LN human (f) Div 14], Kaladi the Renegade (in love with a Tharggy girl) [CG Kalamaran Ftr 2/Wiz 10]



Shyta-Thybaj: Ashthen (advisor) [N human Wiz 6/Ari 2]



Norr Bhar: Koval (now dead, belligerent Fhokki chieftain, created Bigby's spells)


Daruk: Enga [CG Fhokki (f) Ench 14], Likon (alchemist, knight, shopkeeper, creates flesh golem) [N human Wiz 12]


Fymar: Tethen Coldhammer (mummies) [CG Fhokki Wiz 11]


Narr-Rytarr: Amilakar Thoran (from O'Par) [LG human Div 7]


Shyff: Merr (created Frostburn, won't take pupils) [LE Fhokki Nec 12], Athaga [LG human Ftr 4/Tra 8]


Draska: Gulli (plus apprentices) [NG Fhokki (f) Wiz 13], Farstad the Steadfast (his existence is a secret, scry) [LG Dwarven Wiz 15]




Baethel: Alliance of Might (9 low level wizards) - Emaethelia (thieves' guild master) [N Elf Rog 7/Wiz 1]


Dynaj: Senchet Amon (maps) [NG Dejy Wiz 8], Miaza (now dead, illusionist known for her subtle touch, created Nystul's spells)


Geanavue: Gaini/Jandy (con artist, alter self, change self) [CN Gnome (f) Ill 8], Feseera Lorot (fireworks; spell list in G) [CG Reanaarian Ench 9], Taalazaar Grimhands (sells scents and medicines, reclusive; spell list in G) [LN Reanaarian Ari 3/Wiz 6], Taluut Blackmantle (the Castle Wizard, ailing and old; spell list in G) [NG human Wiz 9], Alaki of the Talons (now dead, still feared, created Evard's spells), Taatiir (now dead, sadistic Invoker who tortured Alaki, created Taatiir's Tearing Talons)


Giilia: Esmaran has killed all other wizards- Esmaran (vampire ruler of Giilia, uses fear and scare, spell list in V) [LE Elf (f) Nec 13]


Saaniema: Invar (gem mage) [LG Gnome Tra 7], Aacuna the Outsider/Aacuna the Summoner [CG human Conj 11], Bezian (now dead, failed conqueror, created anti-pirate spells)


Thygasha: Dvistasi of Vhott (dream sorcerer) [N human Sor 14]


Xaarum: Voolain (music) [NG Gnome Wiz 3]


Zoa: Sutiola Sooty Suoriina (knowledgeable about gold) [NG human Wiz 8], Restam (teacher) [LG Gnome Wiz 6], Ziliana Abeilua (wrote Making the Perfect Man, spell list in V) [NG human (f) Ench 16]



Zha-nehzmish: University of Zha - Umhul Mezahn (spellscribe of many unnamed spells) [LG Svimohzish Div 16] , Cluo (now dead, Svimozh wizard who captured a vampire lord, created Cluo's spells)



Monam-Ahznozh: Movazh (created robe using alter self/change self) [LE human Ill 13]



Ashoshani: Desveminh the Warlord (spell list in V) [LE human Inv 14], Tonaku Izahn (now dead, famous, golem creator?)

Svowmahni: Hreathwrot (from the far north) [NG Fhokki Wiz 10], Shazan Wavemaster (master navigator, hunts pirates) [CN human Conj 13]

Anowhizh Mawhal the Foolish (demonologist?, actively wants to train apprentices) [NE human Conj 15], Sisi Mizani [CG Swimohzish (f) Wiz 6]

Nenehi Anarvis (knows his oozes, lost his right arm to one, so no somatic components) [LG human Conj 8]

Zomo-wim: Wherahzni (from Zazahni, spec. astral and ethereal and pocket dimensions) [LG Svimohzish Wiz 10]



Burzumagh: Tanagazh (hobgoblin, created Breath of Zamul) [CN Hobgoblin Wiz 15]






Zenshahn: fledgling University of Arcana - Mushahnohz (combat magic, is the only instructor at the UoA) [CG human Wiz 12]


Vrandol: Wenvert (spy from Pel Brolenon) [LE Brandobian Ill 8]



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